3D Space Animations with Python

Together with my colleague Bennet Weiss, I had the pleasure to do a coding project as part of the lecture “Computational Physics”. Our task was to numerically solve the Earth-Moon problem with self-implemented solving algorithms and more and more complex models of the system. You can read more about it in our final report or just watch the videos in this blog post.

We released the project as free and open source software and published its code on Codeberg.org.

Simulating Earth and Moon with correct circumstances.

Same conditions as above, but following Moon on its orbit.

Simulating Earth and Moon with Moon being too fast on its orbit around Earth.

In addition to making the Moon faster also making Moon heavier than Earth.

Two-dimensional animation of Earth and Moon, with tides on Earth.

Using 10 instead of 2 points for oceans.

For another project of Computational Physics, see Simulation of Neural Network - Hodgkin and Huxley (German).