I’m Nico. I like working on free and open source projects. Feel free to contact me by email, preferably encrypted with PGP.

Here is an excerpt including some of my projects.

Briar Desktop

In contrast to other chat applications, Briar doesn’t rely on servers to keep messages flowing between contacts. Currently, I’m working on a desktop version of Briar that will also run on mobile Linux platforms.

screenshot of Briar GTK running on GNOME next to Briar Android

Public Transport Nicaragua

With help of several tools we were able to build the first trip planning application in Nicaragua.

various screenshots of Public Transport Nicaragua


Funded by Open Technology Fund the F-Droid project had the possibility to hire some developers to work on different tools. Together with other developers and designers all around the world I had the opportunity to help on creating Repomaker, a web application to easify the creation of own F-Droid app stores.

screenshot of package overview in Repomaker


LegionBoard was a free and open source changes management system for schools.

screenshot of mobile device running LegionBoard Eye