Third beta release of Briar GTK: multi-line input and re-adding contacts

This third beta release of Briar GTK is just a minor release, yet it brings quite some useful new features. Besides allowing composing messages with multiple lines and adding support for re-adding contacts, it also features new translations into Burmese and Romanian. Especially Burmese users please keep in mind that Briar GTK so far only supports private chats via the Internet/Tor.

Briar GTK welcoming you in Burmese

Briar GTK welcoming you in Burmese.

To install or update Briar GTK, follow the usual instructions. Flatpak users can update as simple as by calling flatpak update in their command-line.

There is yet another new thing about this release: since Briar release 1.2.18 the core of Briar GTK supports mobile devices like the Librem 5 or the Nexus 5 with postmarketOS. However, users wishing to try it out have to build Briar GTK themselves. Thanks to Flatpak, it’s as simple as cloning a Git project and calling flatpak-builder:

sudo apt install flatpak flatpak-builder git
git clone --branch 0.1.0-beta3
cd briar-gtk
flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak-builder --install-deps-from=flathub --user --install --force-clean --ccache flatpak-builddir app.briar.gtk.json
flatpak run app.briar.gtk

Due to the lack of testing devices, this is practically untested, so please report back how it worked for you!

Briar GTK welcoming you in Romanian

Briar GTK welcoming you in Romanian.

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