Arabic in Sentences - Anki Deck

También existe una version en Español. Es gibt auch eine deutschsprachige Version.

السلام عليكم

After being quite fluent in English, Spanish and German, I wanted to learn something completely different. A totally different script. Other cultures. A language that gives me access to other parts of the world while having people around me with whom I can speak in this language. Therefore, I learn Arabic.

While doing so, I learn and repeat vocabulary with the app Anki. Anki uses the so called spaced repetition principle which makes learning and remembering vocabulary more efficient. The base of my studies is the German book Arabisch ohne Mühe by Assimil. I can only recommend it, as I’ve made quite good progress in the last months.

As I continue learning Arabic, I want to slowly get away from the book and add my own sentences. Deliberately, I called it “Arabic in Sentences” because I’ve heard that it’s better to learn new vocabulary in the context of sentences. Like that, one has the possibility to get the meaning of a new word from the context. Additionally, one can see how a word is used in the language.

Most of the Arabic text isn’t vocalized. One reason is that it’s already a ton of work to type in and translate the texts into four languages. The other reason is that most Arabic texts in daily life aren’t vocalized neither and with that I try to learn to read Arabic texts without vocalization, too. Only when new words come into play and I feel like a vocalization is needed, I add it to the text. Therefore, if you want to learn with this deck, I recommend you to either already have a basic knowledge of Arabic or to have the (German) book sitting beside you.

The deck is published under a Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You can download it with a click on the following file name and import it into Anki.


From time to time, I’ll update the deck. You can then just download and import it again. Your progress in former versions of this deck should not get overwritten by that.

I’ve translated the original German translations into English and Spanish. By doing so, I hope to give more people access to learn Arabic with this deck. If you find mistakes, please contact me. Also, if Arabic is your mother tongue, you speak good MSA and you’re interested in producing audios for the Arabic text, please contact me. I’d be really happy to do that with you!